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Dragon Fruit - Case 12 Bottles (250ml)


No. Boxes (6 bottles)

Meet Dragon Fruit Pet-Nat Kombucha, an intricate brew with a complex blend of fine fruits and teas. Its rich flavour and deep colour are sure to mesmerise.<br><br>Experience the pleasure of this exotic refreshment, delivered directly to your home. Packaged with precision, you'll receive 6 x 500ml sturdy glass bottles nestled in our custom-made eco-friendly packs.<br><br>Ideal for hot days, this kombucha doesn't just satisfy your thirst - it enhances your gut health too. To keep the brew fresh and lively, remember to refrigerate it upon arrival.

Leave out all your packaging on our next drop, and we'll credit you up to $9.00 for each full box returned to us.  You save, we save, and the earth saves!