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Cranberry - 6 Pack (500ml) Local Organic Kombucha


No. Boxes (6 bottles)

Introducing our Cranberry & Rose - a refreshing revelation in our kombucha family that arrived in December 2018, just in time to light up the festive season. This bundle, delivered straight to your doorstep, includes 6 x 500ml bottles, securely tucked in our environmentally friendly packaging. <br><br>Each bottle contains our distinctive local, organic Kombucha, boasting a symphony of fruit flavours, beautifully balanced for a satisfying finish. Unlike the overpowering sourness often found in commercial Kombucha, our Cranberry & Rose offers a refreshing and satisfying alternative. It's the ideal companion for a hot day when you're looking to quench your thirst and nourish your gut at the same time. <br><br>Remember to keep the bottles in your fridge to maintain the live cultures we're so proud of - we're full of life and want to keep it that way!

Leave out all your packaging on our next drop, and we'll credit you up to $9.00 for each full box returned to us.  You save, we save, and the earth saves!