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Creamy Strawberry - 6 Pack (500ml) Local Organic Kombucha


No. Boxes (6 bottles)

It's New, and it's incredible!  Introducing Creamy Strawberry by Hippie, with the finest organic Strawberries from Albany.

Welcome to our latest release from the Hippie Lab.  When we sat down to design this release, we wanted something a little 'different'.  Something that's familiar to many, yet inviting for those new to Kombucha who want to be guided by a familiar old friend. 

Creamy Strawberry was brewed to bring similar characteristics as Creaming Soda, that vanilla pop, but done in a style with minimal sugar, rich in good gut-building bacteria, and the creaminess that only a well balanced blend of organic ingredients can bring.  And yes, it is vegan (we get asked alot about this one!)

We've partnered with a legend from Albany who is as passionate as we are about bringing great organic produce to the market and we're proud to say this is a release that has changed many people's views on Kombucha.

So try our new Creamy Strawberry Kombucha today and discover a new way to enjoy your favourite drink!

Receive this directly to your home, delivered in a beautifully packaged box,  containing 6 x 500ml stunning thick-glass bottles delivered to your door, snuggly in our custom eco packs.  Perfect on a hot day, when you really need to quench a thirst and deliver some good gut goodness.  Just remember to get them into your fridge when you can, because we’re alive and want to stay that way. 

Leave out all your packaging on our next drop, and we'll credit you up to $9.00 for each full box returned to us.  You save, we save, and the earth saves!