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  1. Choose your selection(s) of what you'd like to receive (each box option contains 6 x 500ml bottles of delicious Hippie)

  2. Checkout with one initial upfront payment for your first batch of tasty goodness. We’ll then bill you the same amount each fortnight with a shipping confirmation emailed to you each time your Hippie order leaves our HQ.

  3. Tasty Hippie goodness is delivered to your door by our team members.


If you help us to reduce our waste by supporting our return-refresh-reuse policy, we pass on our savings to you on your next order.  Here's the numbers;

One Box (6 x 500ml bottles) $49.00
Delivery Fee
$0.00 (currently waived)
Return your packaging and receive a credit for each box
$9.00 credit per box

I'm confused!? Please explain!

Here's an example;
You order 1 box of cranberry and 1 box of mango to be delivered fortnightly.  On your first order, you will pay $89 (for 2 boxes) 

On our next drop off, we will collect your returns. This will be applied to your account as a credit, after we return them to our stores.  If you return everything, you will receive a $9 credit on each box - in this case, that's an $18.00 credit we'll apply!

Okay - I'm kinda there, but what does it actually cost me in total?
Well on a regular re-order, if you return all packaging (bottles, eco-liner, cooler brick & more than 50% of the bottles, on the above example, you will reduce your cost to just $71.00 to receive 12 bottles of delicious Kombucha delivered to your door - an $18.00 saving made for being earth-considerate - that's less than $6.00 a bottle and with ZERO delivery fee for early adopters ! 

This saves us on re-ordering virgin materials, the earth on unnecessary wastage and your hip pocket! Our packaging products are quality & earth friendly, therefore we ask you please to help us re-use these where possible!

Ready to get started? Pop over and get your Hippie on!

The BIG small print (we have nothing to hide from you!)

1. We do not lock you into any ugly contracts. If you fall out of love with us, we'll be heartbroken, but it's fair to let you move on without a fuss.

2. We can only apply the credits to your account when we have taken back the stock you leave for us. Because of this you will generally always be 1 order in credit, as your second delivery won't be adjusted when we drop it.  ie. You will pay full price for the first 2 deliveries and then shortly after, adjusted a credit.

Need to update or cancel your subscription? No worries - simply log into your account and make your changes.