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How It All Started

We are a passionate team of friends & family, and our roots go way back to 1995. Greg Culver, our current Head Brewer & co-founder, put down his first 2 litres of what we know today as Hippie Kombucha. Being a health nut & food activist, he was aware even then of the goodness Kombucha brought to gut health and in turn helping the body activate & become healthier. Fast forward to 2014, joined by his daughter Emma, they decided it was time to take the top off their vats and bring this delicious & healthy beverage to the markets of Perth. In 2015, Greg & Emma were joined by Rob & Kylie Whyte, long term friends & drinkers of Kombucha. In September 2015, we brought the Hippie we know & love today, to the markets & stores of Perth.

Hippie Kombucha Today

We never set out to be the biggest or boldest producer of Kombucha in Australia, but we were serious about delivering at scale, something quite unique. At our core, we embody the following founding principles of our Purpose statement, Health, Integrity, Inclusion & Legacy. When you taste a Hippie, the flavours that hit your palate are a direct result of the love & work that we put into our custom blended teas. You won’t find us adding any flavours, sweeteners or carbonation.

Today, our team works tirelessly to improve all parts of what we do, such as reducing or eliminating wasteful parts of our production. As a producer, it’s our responsibility to deal with the waste we make, it’s the problem of the store or customer. This is what drives us to improve ourselves and our processes. We work closely with partners onboarding Circular Economy practices, speak with Rob to learn how you can do more in your own business, to reduce or eliminate wasteful practices, and at the same time, close the loop on linear production models.

Integrity in Brewing

There’s always shortcuts, and cheaper ways to do almost anything, but one of our key principles in Hippie is Integrity. This principle applies not only to our internal culture, but the culture in our brews. That’s why it’s important for us to be careful with who we choose to work with in the production of our product. It all starts with our teas.  Our team has carefully selected quality 100% organic fruits, florals, and teas, and our suppliers must pass the 2 following checks that we perform. 

1. The company checks out.
What this means, is we want to make sure that not only the ingredients we use are taken care of, but also the people in that business.  It’s important to us, as they support our booch, and are an extended part of our family, so they must be cared for.

2. It’s sustainably sourced.
It’s easy to take short cuts, and it’s not a price-driven decision by us.  We pay a premium, because we use premium products, that are sourced in a way that supports the greater ecosystem. We do our best to ensure that this remains key in the culture of our many suppliers.