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Take it home today and save

Take $20 off your first order, and take it away with you today!

Simply choose what combination you'd like in your custom Hippie Eco-Box, and we'll promise to have it packed up, and icy, ready for you to take away. And thanks to our custom build boxes, they'll stay cold for up to 8 hours before needing a fridge - just in case the beach gets in the way between the markets and home.

Choose from:
Mango, Cranberry, Dragon Fruit or ALL THREE.

Boxes contain 6 bottles of 500ml delicious Perth organic Kombucha. If you choose ALL THREE, you'll receive 2 of each.

Simply make your order & pay on your phone, and drop back & we'll have it ready for you within 30 minutes. If you prefer to not carry it - that's okay too - we'll deliver it, at no cost! (provided within our delivery areas)

Use code:  LOCAL20

And take $20.00 off your order. 

Did you know we reuse over 90% of what we produce? And to reward the eco-warriors, if you return your packaging, we give you a further $9.00 your next order - no catches or hooks. Just a big thanks on behalf of the earth, for being a good human.

If you have to run after ordering, you can text us on 0427445242 with your name and order number (starts with HH), otherwise we'll get in contact with you about free delivery within 3 days.