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We are Hippie.

Meet Hippie Kombucha, the fusion of premium quality, refreshing taste, and sustainable practices. Our love for hand-crafted kombucha began in 1995 and has only grown stronger with time. At Hippie, we believe in creating a product that sets itself apart from the rest. Our focus on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients gives each and every sip of our kombucha its own unique and memorable flavour.

As pioneers in the kombucha world, we strive to bring something fresh and innovative to the table. Our dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our business, from our use of organic ingredients to our commitment to circular economy principles. Our production site runs entirely on solar power, and we compost our organic waste to create usable compost for our local community. Our waste water is also captured and reused, reducing our impact on the environment.

At Hippie, we take pride in supporting our local community and prioritising the origin of our ingredients. Our kombucha is crafted with love and care, and that shines through in every sip. Join us on this journey to offer a premium, hand-crafted kombucha experience like no other. Experience the difference of a product made with sustainability and quality at its core.

Where it started.

Meet Greg. Our Head Brewer & co-founder. He has a life philosophy of natural health through food, and began first brewing Kombucha back in 1995. Greg was ahead of his time, having perfected the brew that we see today.

Keeping to traditional brewing methods, Hippie still to this day remains uncompromising when it comes to the ingredients & produce we select for our recipes. Using organic & hand-selected produce, we hand-make each and every brew. Our vats may be larger than they were back then, but the commitment to quality naturally sparkling kombucha is unwavering.

Integrity in Brewing

There’s always shortcuts, and cheaper ways to do almost anything, but one of our key principles in Hippie is Integrity. This principle applies not only to our internal culture, but the culture in our brews. That’s why it’s important for us to be careful with who we choose to work with in the production of our product. It all starts with our teas.  Our team has carefully selected quality 100% organic fruits, florals, and teas, and our suppliers must pass the 2 following checks that we perform. 

1. The company checks out.
What this means, is we want to make sure that not only the ingredients we use are taken care of, but also the people in that business.  It’s important to us, as they support our booch, and are an extended part of our family, so they must be cared for.

2. It’s sustainably sourced.
It’s easy to take short cuts, and it’s not a price-driven decision by us.  We pay a premium, because we use premium products, that are sourced in a way that supports the greater ecosystem. We do our best to ensure that this remains key in the culture of our many suppliers.

What Is Pét-Nat, And Why Is It Different?

Pet-nat, or pétillant naturel, is a traditional method of brewing that originated in the wine-making industry. It refers to a naturally carbonated wine that is made without the addition of artificial carbon dioxide. This method was used in wine-making because it creates a more complex and sophisticated flavour profile.

At Hippie, we've taken this traditional method and adapted it for our kombucha brewing to create a more premium and flavoured product. We believe that pet-nat kombucha is not just a better tasting experience but it's also more suited as a social beverage and for sharing with friends & family. The naturally carbonated and sophisticated flavour profile of pet-nat kombucha makes it a great alternative to alcoholic drinks when you're out with others.

Try the Hippie difference today, for a better way to drink socially.

Circular Economy is in our bones.

At Hippie Kombucha, we're committed to operating in a way that's sustainable and kind to the environment. We follow the three guiding principles of the Circular Economy, which are to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems.

One of the ways we do this is through our Return-Refresh-Reuse program, which encourages our customers to return their used bottles to us for cleaning and reuse. We work closely with our stockists to help them transition to a more circular supply chain by having their customers contribute to bottle returns.

In addition to our RRR program, we're also committed to using free solar resources for our brewing processes and capturing and reusing our wastewater. We also recycle our organic waste by turning it into nutrient-rich compost for our local growers and farmers.

In June 2023, we launched our Circular Stockists program, to reward & support our partners who work with us to deliver our products to their customers more sustainably.

We believe that by working within the principles of the Circular Economy, we can create a more sustainable future for ourselves and our planet.