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Ginger & Lime - 6 Pack (500ml) Local Organic Kombucha


No. Boxes (6 bottles)

Introducing Ginger & Lime Pet-Nat Kombucha, an eagerly-awaited addition to our Local Organic Kombucha collection.

In creating this brew, we strove for something unique, a refreshing fusion that mirrored the well-loved Australian favourite, Ginger Beer. The result? A flavour profile that expertly combines a subtle ginger zing with a fresh citrus finish, while maintaining the essential kombucha tanginess that aids in yielding a healthy, tasty brew.

Quality and cleanliness were paramount in our crafting process. We're proud to partner with a local WA supplier for our organic ginger, and our fresh lime also comes from organic WA farms. This carefully balanced creation is yours to savour.

Our Ginger & Lime Kombucha was released on 25th January 2021 after six weeks of successful market validation.

Receive this invigorating brew right at your doorstep, elegantly packed in a box containing 6 x 500ml thick-glass bottles, carefully cradled in our custom eco-friendly packs. Perfect for quenching thirst on a hot day while providing good gut health. To keep this living brew fresh, remember to refrigerate upon receipt.

Leave out all your packaging on our next drop, and we'll credit you up to $9.00 for each full box returned to us.  You save, we save, and the earth saves!