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Cranberry & Rose - 2L Growler

$30.00 $27.00


Cranberry & Rose was our second creation, brewed to deliver a more dry & refreshing alternative to sweet beverage choices, whilst delivering a healthy punch. Beautifully light, mildly spritzy but with a rich deeply set cranberry undertone, and a soft well rounded & refreshing subtle rose finish. The tanins in the rose petal balance the palate, so you can enjoy the full rich flavour without being overwhelmed with typical Kombucha vinegars. Ideal as a 'between drinks' filler or even alcoholic alternative at parties, we only use only the best ingredients including: green sencha tea, dried cranberry and beautiful richly coloured rose petals, among other exciting organic botanicals to create a well balanced and flavoursome beverage that has converted many “non Kombucha drinkers”.

Orders received before Thursday 4pm will be available for collection from market location Saturday or Sunday.  $5 additional cost for growler is automatically added to allow for one-off purchases, but returning empties at time of collection, we'll hand you back $5 per return! Simple! #returnrefreshreuse

Multiple market locations for pickup.  Find our more details of where you can collect from at the next step - pick location.

Unsure where to collect? message us on insta @hippiekombucha or email and we'll jump on it straight away!